Written By Jerry Gilbert / 05/26/2009
Welcome to the brand new blog of Gilbert and Company, LLC.  This blog is connected to the newly revised Web site--actually it is still being revised as this is written--of Gilbert and Company, and it will take us a while to get it up to speed.  In the meantime, we would welcome any questions or suggested topics relating to the auction world which you would like us to address.  The content of the blog will be directed primarily toward those with limited knowledge of auctions, but who want to know more about the auction process, the pros and cons of using the auction method versus other methods of selling property, auction terminology, auction procedures, etc.  More seasoned auction participants and even fellow auctioneers and others employed in the profession will also, hopefully, find much of the content of the blog interesting, even provocative, and will be regular readers.  For now, send us topic ideas and/or questions at